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cUSD (Coinlend USD) and cBTC (Coinlend Bitcoin) are test tokens specially designed for use within the Coinlend DeFi platform on the Ethereum Testnet, Sepolia. Both tokens are meant to simulate their real-world counterparts, with cUSD mimicking the value of the United States dollar and cBTC reflecting the value of Bitcoin.

These test tokens allow for a realistic simulation of transactions within the Coinlend DeFi test environment. Whether you are lending or borrowing, using cUSD and cBTC will provide you with a practical understanding of how the platform operates.

You can claim both cUSD and cBTC for free and use them for testing purposes on the Coinlend DeFi platform while it operates on the Sepolia Testnet. Please note that these tokens do not hold any real-world value, and are strictly designed for use within the testing environment.

By testing with cUSD and cBTC on our platform, you help us to identify and fix any potential issues before the official launch of Coinlend DeFi. Your valuable input assists us in developing a robust, reliable, and user-friendly DeFi platform.

To start testing with cUSD and cBTC, head over to our faucet page on the Coinlend DeFi platform, where you can claim your test tokens. Happy testing!